Karagusi is a Canadian-based design studio founded in 2017, operating from Toronto, Ontario. Our work is a collection of design pieces inspired by Armenian and Artsakhian art and culture. Our approach is to celebrate typography, iconography, symbology, monuments, and architecture, through contemporary design mediums.

Our hope is to provide a series of pieces that heighten any space.

We invite you to explore our work!

Arpy and Razmig met in Canada back in 2014. Not yet partners, they shared a few things in common, like studying Architecture, being active in the Armenian Community Centre of Toronto, and their passion for art and design.

When Arpy decided to start Karagusi in 2017, Razmig was her biggest supporter and fan. Later when Razmig joined the wild adventure, they quickly realized their design offerings are quite different, yet complimentary.

Arpy brings forward the bold and contemporary, while Razmig pushes for the sleek and minimal. Arpy loves vibrant colours, while Razmig prefers muted elegance. Though their design style is different, their vision is the same – to promote Armenian and Artsakhian art in modern design.

Read further below to get to know the Artists.

Born in Syria and raised in the UAE, Arpy moved to Toronto in 2011, where she later pursued her studies in Architecture and attained her Master of Architecture degree from Ryerson University in 2020. She currently works at a Toronto-based architecture firm specializing in residential, commercial, and cultural typologies. Raised in a creative household full of life, Arpy always had a passion for the arts. She took art classes throughout her childhood including a four month studio in Yerevan, Armenia. For years Arpy has exercised her design through the medium of painting; using the Armenian alphabet as her building blocks.

Arpy started Karagusi as a creative outlet to further exercise her design knowhow through graphic mediums. Her strength lies in taking major design risks; a unique vantage point that often stresses bold colours and creative interpretation of subject matter.


Razmig was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, in a VERY large Armenian family! Similar to Arpy, he too studied Architecture and received his Master of Architecture degree from Ryerson University back in 2013. He currently works as the National Lead of Sales Enablement in the Commercial Real Estate industry. As a jeweler’s son (typical Armenian), Razmig was raised in a family that stressed the importance of quality through meticulous design and craftsmanship. He embraced his surroundings and applied the same attention to detail into his graphic design.

Razmig joined Karagusi, bringing with him a different point of view. His work is often driven through a refined lens. Minimalism and sophistication is often his forté. Though he prefers the monochromatic look, his acute taste in just the right shade or hue of colour makes all the difference in the small details.