by Karagusi


Completed sometime between the 4th and 5th Centuries, Ererouk is an ancient Armenian Church, located in the Shirak province of Armenia. Following its ruin, primarily caused by the 1988 earthquake, archeologists studied the site and redrew the plans of the Church, discovering it was formed on bedrock with carved passages underground, and featured angular towers, vaulted ceilings, and sculptural decorations using brass relief throughout. As one of the earliest surviving Christian monuments, the building is currently under consideration and review to form part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The elevation drawing depicts the ruins of Ererouk as last documented in the 18th Century.

12” x 9” & 16” x 12” printed on 80lb stock.
36” x 24” printed on 7mil poster bond.

Available in three (3) sizes.

Frame not included.